Since its foundation 50 years ago, the Department of Educational Research (DIE) at Center for Research and Advanced Studies (DIE-Cinvestav) has become one of the leading institutions in research and production of knowledge on education in Mexico and Latin America. From a strong interdisciplinary approach, DIE develops educational research on marginalized and excluded communities, in contexts of emergency, displacement and migration. One of its main areas of work includes the production of new knowledge and tools to accompany human rights education, the construction of the cultural and historical identity of displaced and migrant indigenous peoples, and the construction of peace. DIE-Cinvestav works with several partners and local communities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and have developed a network of educationists/ activists who support education and community activities with different indigenous and displaced communities in Mexico. DIE-Cinvestav is committed to supporting education of indigenous, Afro-descendant, and displaced/migrant children and families.