Dr Akhtar Alam 
Affiliation: University of Kashmir

Dr Akhtar Alam is Assistant Professor at Department of Geography and Disaster Management, University of Kashmir, India. His research and teaching interests revolve around environmental change, natural hazards, climate crisis, and disaster risk. He is particularly interested to investigate the role of physical, social, economic, and cultural factors in risk accumulations and challenges to resilience building process of communities in diverse environmental and geopolitical settings. Recently, he worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Conflict, Disaster and Migration at Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR), University College London (UCL) for a period of two years (2019 – 2020) in a project supported by the Royal Society. His role in the project was to use satellite remote sensing and modelling approaches to track complex issues that arise from large exodus of refugees fleeing political upheaval and arriving in a developing nation, prone to natural hazards.

Bio Link: https://www.kashmiruniversity.net/