Tula Narayan Shah
Affiliation: Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF)

Tula Narayan Shah is the Executive Director of Nepal Madhesh Foundation (NEMAF), a non-governmental organization working in the area of public education, youth migration and local governance in the rural areas of the Madhesh region of Nepal. He has more than a decade of experience in grass root research and activism in the areas of inclusive democracy, peace and politics with his works being focused on the Madhesh region and the Madheshi community.

Tula frequently writes analytical pieces on contemporary politics, political representation and development related issues in leading newspapers of Nepal. He is a co-editor of Madhesh Adhyayan (A Nepali language journal focused on Madhesh and Madheshi community) and he has also written many seminar papers on federalism, inclusion, political representation and social movements in the Nepalese context.

Bio Link: https://www.nemaf.org.np