The Peace with Justice Network aims to build solidarities between politically and culturally disenfranchised communities striving for dignity, wellbeing and social justice and to better understand and share grassroots approaches to human rights, peace and peacebuilding.

We are working with colleagues in eight different contexts to promote equality, access to justice and human rights. In the next two years, we hope to engage in continuous dialogue and collaborative learning which we hope will be mutually beneficial to advance our knowledge and understanding of struggles for peace and justice in different parts of the world.

As the title of the network suggests, our network is guided by the idea of peace that goes beyond absence of physical violence. In other words, we attempt to operationalize ‘peace’ from the perspectives of marginalized groups and hold fairness, equity and justice, which Matin Luther King (1964) and Johan Galtung (1976) term as ‘positive peace,’ as the core principles of peace debates.

We hope to learn from each other’s experiences about how to address problems of inequality, marginalization, forced displacement, exclusion in educational opportunities, political repression and violation of indigenous people’s rights.