1. Online symposia

We organise online symposia (thematically co-developed with participating organisations), each one facilitated by respective country facilitators. All members of the network will engage in dialogue/reflection and respond to unique experiences of conflict and conceptualisation of and strategies for peace. In other words, these discussion forums will serve as knowledge sharing spaces where we hope to learn about diverse contexts where communities are affected by conflict and are struggling for peace with justice.

2. Development of a sustained network

We will build and sustain our network of grassroots activists, indigenous peoples, and educationists to promote peace at the local levels and set up a website to share information about various activities partner organisations are involved in. This will enable us to stay connected through insightful stories emerging from different countries and help build an international solidarity for peace as conceptualised and practiced by marginalized communities in these selected contexts.

3. Production of contextually relevant peace-promoting materials

One of the practical outputs of our network will be peace-promoting materials. These will be produced by local organisations but the process will be facilitated by the country facilitators. We envisage that these outputs will be in multiple formats based on appropriateness to the context (e.g. short films, songs, podcasts, radio jingles, posters, arts, cultural shows and brochures etc.), reflecting on the learning gained through the network’s collaborative processes. The process of producing these materials would advance the learning about peace strategies and help build intra-inter-community solidarity.