Indigenous migration in Guatemala, Mexico and the USA – in conversation with Valentina Glockner and Walter G Flores

In this episode of Conversations with Iris we examine the unresearched phenomenon of indigenous migration with a focus on Guatemala, Mexico and the US diaspora. Despite the heterogeneity of indigenous populations in terms of language culture, age, gender and family makeup, they often face a range of specific vulnerabilities on the move. The challenges they meet both on their journey and once they settle are significant. They include gender-based violence, human trafficking, racism and language barriers that undermine their rights and due process. Indigenous populations in Central America are at risk of displacement owing to a range of factors, including climate change and environmental degradation alongside extreme poverty, lack of socio-economic opportunity and violence.

In this conversation, Dr Jennifer Allsopp talks to Dr Walter Flores and Professor Valentina Glockner, Co-Investigators on the GCRF-funded Life Facing Deportation project about recent trends in indigenous migration. Together, they discuss the need for a localized and global response to rights literacy for indigenous people on the move.