Indigenous Adivasi rights, education, and climate justice in India- Jacinta Kerketta and Felix Padel in conversation with Laila Kadiwal

The Adivasi poetess Jacinta Kerkatta and activist and scholar-activist Professor Felix Padel, Centre for World Environmental History at the University of Sussex are in conversation with Dr Laila Kadiwal on Adivasi rights, education, climate justice, identity, nation-state and coloniality in India.

‘Development’ projects (such as mining, and industrialisation) have forcibly displaced and affected India’s 8m Adivasi (‘Indigenous’) populations. Today, the Adivasis are some of the populations most affected by the climate crisis who have to cope with floods, cyclones, extreme droughts, deforestation, water salination, the disappearance of islands and more.

The Adivasis are at the forefront of resisting injustices. However, thousands of them have been incarcerated, killed or injured by the state and private security institutions at the intersections of White supremacy and caste supremacy.

A collaboration between Best Foot Music, India and Me, and Centre for World Environmental History, University of Sussex.

Special thanks to Professor Vinita Damodaran and Phillip Minns for facilitating the process.

The podcast was recorded on 29th September 2022 in Lewis, UK.