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AHRDO was established in 2002 in Afghanistan and has been working in the areas of education, peace and development through local peacebuilding and grassroots educational activities. AHRDO has implemented several EU-funded projects to promote peace, development and education in rural Afghanistan. These projects were completed through 23 local networks that AHRDO has built over the past 9 years and involved primarily engaging local communities through cultural, social, and economic activities. These activities also included initiatives to support marginalised communities to access education and participate in peacebuilding activities through raising awareness, encouraging local communities to help sustain the provision of education. AHRDO also established local leadership councils comprised mainly of university students (male/female) to visit communities where schools were closed due to conflict or girls were barred from attending school. These networks worked closely with local state officials as well influential individuals such as politicians to foster social support for education and development. Additionally, AHRDO is working closely with populations which are marginalised, denied their human rights or displaced by conflict and violence such as refugee, internally displaced and those who have lost access to education (e.g. girls/women).