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TCF was established in 2001 to provide teacher training in the most marginalized and conflict-affected ethnic regions of Myanmar and to support monastic education and create educational opportunities for migrants, IDPs, and refugees. TCF aims to deliver high quality education through teacher training provision in the classroom by applying active learning and critical thinking methodologies. In the current situation of military dictatorship in Myanmar, TCF offers technical support to teachers to establish community based and home-based education. TCF also caters for curriculum development and policy advocacy to achieve education for sustainability, democratic and peaceful society. TFC holds a particular focus on classroom level change and policy level change to enable quality education in ethnic national schools in the conflict-affected areas of Myanmar, and in the disadvantaged Thai-Burma border areas. TCF regards teachers as powerful agents in peace and social transformation should they be supported with professional development opportunities. Working with a number of partners and local communities in Myanmar, TCF has developed a network of educationists/ activists within ethnic education organisations who support education and community activities in the conflict-affected areas.