Institute Asian Studies

Established in 2017, Multicultural Studies and Social Innovation Center (MSSIC) is based in the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Ever since, it has served as an academic unit focusing on research into cultural issues and relations between different cultures in the Thai society and other parts in the Asian regions. MSSIC’s recent works have examined the unseen capital in several Thai communities and produced advanced knowledge in this area. MSSIC also acts as an association network to form cooperation with related agencies such as public actors, academics, and the civil society sector. This network is expected to embark on new social projects. ln the area of education, MSSIC emphasizes the promotion of multicultural understanding, culture of peace and social justice in and through education, particularly in the three politically sensitive, southern most provinces of Thailand – Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani. MSSIC’s peace and multicultural education projects have covered all forms of education (formal, non-formaI, and in-formal) and several educational issues (e.g., teacher professional development, children’s extra-curricular activities, human development). MSSIC works with a number of partners and local communities in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand and has developed a network of educationists and activists who support education and community through media activities in this region, such as the SameSouls Group. MSSIC is committed to supporting education of youth as well as teachers and educators affected by conflict and social injustices.