TIKOSÓ Centro Cultural y Educativo was established in 2019 and is the result of a long process of a search for social justice in the marginalised Montana region in the Guerrero State in Mexico. TIKOSÓ principally works with Na savi, Mepha’a and Nahuatl indigenous people that form a majority in this mountainous part of the country – focusing on the young, the women and the elderly. This is why, TIKOSÓ, a cultural and educational Centre was created, which culminates the expertise of its members’ more than 20 years of community work. TIKOSÓ works with a number of partners and local communities in the Montana region (Guerrero State, Mexico) and has developed a network of educationists/activists who support education and community activities that defend the indigenous culture and the marginalised communities that constitute the region. The organisation’s interest is based on indigenous education, health and justice to help confront the economic and physical violence that runs over the region.