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The Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) at the University of Rojava (UoR) is a centre for research and graduate studies in social sciences. It was established in October 2020, and is based in Qamişlo, Rojava/North and East of Syria. This Institute was established under exceptional circumstances of the ongoing war in Syria. Despite these circumstances, the faculty members, researchers, and students at the ISS are committed to creating an environment of research and teaching excellence. ISS has developed education and research programmes that promote rebuilding multi-ethic and multi-religious communities in Rojava and North and East regions of Syria based on principles of co-existence, mutual respect, social justice, and equality. These communities have been exposed to years of war, violence, forced displacement, and all forms of discrimination. The institute is committed to bringing these communities together to build a peaceful and just future where everyone’s rights and freedoms are respected. The UoR works with a number of partners and local communities in Syria and the Middle East and have developed a network of educationists/ activists in Europe and throughout the world who support education and community activities in Rojava and North and East region of Syria.