Centro de estudios para la equidad y gobernanza en los sistemas de salud (CEGSS) was established in 2009 as an organization of professionals aiming to contribute to improve social inclusion and the human rights of indigenous and other marginalized populations in Guatemala. Since its foundation, CEGSS has implemented participatory-action research to study the barriers experienced by indigenous people to access public services and has also implemented capacity building programmes to support indigenous grassroots organizations so they learn about their rights and engage peacefully with state authorities to demand changes to public services. The collaborative work between CEGSS and indigenous communities is expressed in the “Network of Community Defenders for Health Rights”, which is made up of community leaders trained by CEGSS to provide human rights education to indigenous families and paralegal advice. The network started in 5 municipalities with 20 members and currently is present in 35 municipalities and over 150 members. The Network of Community Defenders continue growing with 5 new municipalities added to the network in 2021.